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WiFi 6 AP
Model Number:A5268
Place of Origin:China
Keywords:WiFi 6 AP, WiFi Router, Easy Mesh, AX1500
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Mesh AP Hardware Specifications

State-of-art Broadcom BCM6750 SoC

2.5Gbps packet processing capability

1GE WAN interface connected to PON or DSL gateway

3GE LAN interface connected to home devices

5G 2x2 80MHz 802.11ax compatible with 802.11ac (27dBm)

1.2Gbps theoretical rate (900Mbps attainable)

2.4G 2x2 40MHz 802.11n (26dBm)

300Mbps theoretical rate (230Mbps attainable)

Mesh AP Software Specifications

Support for Router and AP configurations

TR-069/TR-181 Support for Telcom Management

Easy Mesh/IEEE-1905 Support

Use one 802.11ax BSSID for backhaul (speed/stability/cost)

50%-50% split between fronthaul and backhaul